A strategic supply for the rubber industry

Torchiani is a reliable partner for a broad range of products: polymers, process oils, plasticizers, vulcanization agents, reinforcing charges, carbon black, peroxide, catalysts, antioxidants and other products for basic and specific applications in the rubber industry.

Our strenghts

Customized solutions

Compliance with legislation

Wide range of products


Products for the rubber industry: specialization and competitiveness 

Final customers have the absolute need to reduce their production costs without affecting quality. It looks like an obvious and desirable goal, but seeing it is far more complex than it does not look like. Like Torchiani, we help customers first and foremost by searching for world-wide products that work fine, but that we can offer more competitive conditions.
Our goal is to grow. The strategy is twofold: offering new products and supplies that allow us to compete better in certain application fields. Our distributive and commercial activity is, in this sense, constantly evolving. We encourage our customers and industry partners to maintain a very close dialogue with our businesses to check on new products and deals.