A restyling service for efficiency

After several months of work, the offices of the Torchiani branch office in Via Cacciamali in Brescia confirmed the expectations of the technical-architectural design: streamlining spaces and optimizing the structural and infrastructure components, allow our team more efficiency in all aspects of Their commitment.

In particular, they favor order and accuracy both on a general level and on a single desk. Also important is the complete refurbishment of the reception area, which allows you to welcome visitors well while at the same time safeguarding the concentration and privacy of the internal offices. It also includes the creation of a comfortable meeting room right next to the entrance.

All new offices have been designed and made with special attention also from the point of view of furnishings, lighting technology and air conditioning, with the aim of making the structure very livable, while at the same time choosing "green" choices to contain energy consumption. Of course, all the IT and IT systems have been redesigned and reconfigured, always with the aim of promoting the efficiency of the computer network.

The clever redefinition of the spaces has finally had positive reflections on the entire office building and directional, improving the work also of the areas not directly affected by the renovation works.