The Torchiani company is awarded for its environmental commitment

On September 26th, in Milan, the "Good Energy Award" award ceremony was held, a prize created by Bernoni Grant Thornton, in collaboration with equally authoritative subjects such as BOSCH and the scientific support of the Ministry of the Environment, University of Of Trento, University of Milan, Fiper (Italian Federation of Energy Producers from Renewable Sources).

A prize that came to the seventh edition but remains unique in Italy in its formula, as it wants to reward those companies who have had the courage to invest in innovative solutions, responsibly to the environment, the economy and their territories.

Once again, thanks to the award, it was interesting to find that there are realities of excellence in Italy that are committed to sustainability. One of these is Torchiani srl, who has entered the award-winning pink award for its constant commitment to market research and to offer its customers increasingly "green" chemical products
People and the environment.

A decision of responsibility that harmoniously enters the organization Torchiani, a company with over 85 years of proven, widely proven experience, that from Brescia's headquarters reaches directly over 3000 customers of all sizes in various regions. A real link between the chemical industry and the user market. The company is constantly engaged in monitoring international markets in search of the most advanced and safe chemical solutions to improve industrial processes and optimize production chains. Even from the point of view of innovation in favor of environmental impact.