Business Areas

Reliable and timely partner

Over the years, the sale of chemicals has improved in quality and supply, following the development of research and meeting the demands of the market in the field of detergents and more complex products for several specific sectors: Galvanic, Degreasing, Phosphating and Pre-coating, Metal Surface Treatment, Mechanical Manufacturing, Water Treatment and Purification. In these sectors Torchiani proves to be a reliable and timely partner.

Business unit Industrial Science collect our best offer in Metal Working, Metal Treatment, Water Treatment, Cleaning, Building & Construction, Rubber focusing on innovative product side to the traditional ones and tailor made solutions for our customers applications.


Business unit Life Science focus activities in all business linked to human being.
Has born in 2020 to provide to our customers all our expertise in Agro, Food & Nutriscience, Animal Nutrition, Personal Care & Pharma.