Safety Data Sheets 

A document area where you can download the Safety Data Sheets relating to the chemicals you have purchased and also our Technical Data Sheets 

Maximum attention to safety

Torchiani Srl pays great attention to safety. The company complies with the latest ministerial regulations and aims at constantly improving its performance as well as giving its active contribution to the whole sector.

For client companies
For this reason, a dedicated area was created, in which Torchiani Srl's client companies can easily find all the necessary documents for the safe use of the products.

Any client company can access this personal area to download the latest safety data sheets relating to the products they have purchased.

Access to the reserved area. 
If you need login credentials, please contact us.


For all companies
Torchiani Srl intends to provide all the necessary support in order to facilitate communication, making it as open and fluent as possible.

For this reason another area has been created, dedicated to all the companies that need to download technical data sheets and safety data sheets.
Once the appropriate fields have been completed, one of our operators will evaluate the request and, if there are no particular impediments, will send the appropriate material.

Download TDS and MSDS