We comply with all quality, safety and environmental regulations.

The best solutions to manage the relations between production processes and environment

We are aware of the difficulties connected with the marketing of chemicals, which is why we look for quality in every single stage of the storage, dilution and transport processes in order to ensure that the handling of compounds always takes place in complete safety.

We are aware of and comply with the procedures and regulations in force regarding the correct handling of chemical compounds, as evidenced by the various certifications held by Torchiani Srl: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 Certiquality, CISQ, IQNet, ESAD SQAS.

In order to keep our standards high, we look for quality in every single stage:
  • we provide our staff with an¬†internal¬†continuous¬†training programme, which in 2010 consisted of a total of 1398 hours for 47 employees
  • we¬†select our suppliers¬†according to strict quality and environmental safety criteria so as to be able to offer our customers only tested and certified chemicals, in line with their specific needs
  • we base our¬†relationship with customers¬†on trust, punctuality and transparency
  • we constantly improve our¬†services
  • we take measures aimed at increasing energy saving and¬†protecting the environment.