The Torchiani vehicle fleet: the "engine" of logistics

Today, 11 people are employed in the company's transport department to guarantee a widespread distribution of the Torchiani chemicals, covering several kilometres and reaching many Italian regions every day.

On average, each vehicle covers about 40,000 kilometres per year. The vehicles we use are technologically up-to-date and hardly any of them is over two years of age. All vehicles meet the Eco4 regulations and are equipped with state-of-the-art devices for the reduction of polluting emissions.

Torchiani has decided to use vehicles that are made in Italy, not only because of their good quality but also to contribute to the success of Italian businesses. We pay great attention to active and passive safety solutions, especially regarding tank trucks and tankers, as well as to those solutions which enable an easier and safer loading and unloading process. When it comes to the marketing of chemicals, transport represents one of the key factors involved in the definition of the quality of the service.