Raising talents: "Young Farmers Point"

The project aimed at enhancing the participants' personal skills in order to increase their employability and entrepreneurial capacity within their countries, in the agricultural and environmental sector in particular, in view of an ethical and sustainable development.

The project involved 8 young people and a group leader for each of the 4 participating countries (Iceland, Romania, Hungary and Italy), for a total of 36 participants. During this exchange, the participants carried out activities within local producers’ plants in District no. 8 of the Province of Brescia.

The activities included visits to local producers of the agricultural and food sector with a particular focus on business creation; workshops on the transformation of agricultural products into food; workshops and focus groups on the hostel project and on the implementation of sustainable tourism activities with low environmental impact, with particular reference to the opportunities arising from Expo 2015.

The exchange took place between 21 and 29 June 2013 at the Hostel Molino di Basso in Torre Pallavicina. During the programme, institutional meetings were held with the local governments and schools with the aim of including young people who were not taking part in the exchange. This project was promoted by Consorzio SOLCO (Brescia) and by the social cooperative La Nuvola as part of the programme “Youth in action”. You can follow the project on the Facebook page:

Young farmers point