Honesty, competence and reliability still represent the core values of the company, together with an increasing attention to the environment. Celebrating 85 years of business is a great achievement, especially when you work in such a demanding field as chemistry, which is so closely connected with the fundamental needs of the industry, the agricultural and food sector and people’s everyday life.

Torchiani wishes to celebrate in a concrete way, without triumphalism, in line with its business style and with those values which have become part of the company heritage: honesty, competence and reliability, as well as an increasing attention to the environment and the development of an eco-friendly chemistry.

Once again, the company is proving to be the link between the chemical industry and the market. This role takes shape in the implementation of research development and the selection of the best solutions on an international level, thanks to a direct and collaborative dialogue with the main industrial groups of the chemistry sector worldwide.

Today, Torchiani Srl is able to offer an “added value” to its distribution and marketing services, thereby proving to be an extremely updated sector consultant. Some epochal changes are taking place in several areas of the productive economy, and green economy issues are becoming more and more important. Torchiani Srl represents an expert and receptive point of reference, and always pays great attention to the markets in order to be able to predict the trends of chemistry and what it can offer.