Our aim is not only to supply our customers but to try and constantly improve our service

A constantly renovated vehicle fleet

During this reorganisation phase, we have invested many resources so as to be able to efficiently manage orders and their response times, which should be both quick and precise.

Thanks to the new company organisation, the logistical, technical and managing structures have been extended, thus becoming more synchronised and productive. Today, thanks to sophisticated computerised systems and to the professionalism and technical skills of our staff, we are able to process orders both for large and small quantities of goods, fully meeting all deadlines and satisfying the market requirements.

Following the renewal and development of our fleet, we now have about fifteen vehicles and some ten drivers, thereby ensuring a punctual and widespread service on the territory. We own a number of pick-up trucks to deliver small orders to different destinations and we can deliver large quantities of a single liquid product thanks to tank and articulated trucks.

Thanks to the large number of vehicles and men, we are able to guarantee deliveries within 48 hours, thus being considered by the majority of our customers as a “personal warehouse”.

We are grateful and proud of this reputation that we have earned throughout the years. Now that we are organised to provide a real "Just in time" logistical service, we would like to offer our clients a long-term order planning so as to further maximise the efficiency of our service and to make it easier for them to manage orders.

We now aim at becoming valuable collaborators, rather than mere suppliers, for the large number of companies that every year rely on Torchiani Srl for the supply of chemical products. Our goal is not only to supply our customers but to try and constantly improve our service, giving them useful advice concerning organisation and management.