Applied research

Upon request, we carry out on-site investigations and tests to identify the best product on the market for specific applications

Thirty years of experience

Thanks to thirty years of experience in the chemical sector, we offer a special applied research service, which consists in carrying out feasibility studies, pilot tests, chemical analyses and market researches for the supply of specific chemical products.

Applied research is a special service provided by Torchiani Srl to those clients who need dedicated technical assistance to identify the best product on the market for a specific piece of machinery. This research is based on investigations carried out on-site to determine which chemical compound has the best performance during a specific manufacturing process.

This type of on-site researches might prove to be necessary in technical and mechanical workshops, where the use of different oils can alter the performance of the machinery.

Our added value is represented by thorough and long-standing knowledge of all market solutions in the chemical sector: our advice, expertise and the tests carried out by our chemical and technical staff will help you to choose the product that best suits your needs.