Privacy and cookies

Torchiani Srl informs visitors of his own site to guarantee the proper use of personal data according to the privacy current law (Personal data code D. Lgs. N 196 / 2003, guardianship and personal data treatment ).

Data Types

Navigation Data

When client visit the site , his presence is Anonymous. Information systems and software procedures which guarantee the correct use of this site during the use collect personal data and they transfer them according to the standard internet communication system.

This information is not associated with an identified person, therefore by the use of elaboration and combination they could bring the user identification.

These data includes IP address , computer´s name of the connected site, URI (Uniform Resources Identifier ) address , their requests , time of request , the way utilised to get the server´ s answer , the answer´ file size, the code number which indicate the answer status supplied by the server i.e. good result, mistake, others information coming from the users electronic environment.

This information are utilised for anonymous statistic purposes only and are eliminated after the elaboration.

Cookies are not used neither for personal information transmission nor CD are used. Cookies of session aren´t utilised, they are cookies not saved in the memory and are eliminated once the browser is closed.

Voluntarily supplied data

Visitor personal data are supplied by the site and are utilised for “contact request “only and used to connect him. The voluntary and explicit delivery of e-mail to the address present in this site involves the sender´s address knowledge. This is necessary for the answer request and others personal data included into the e-letter.

Supplied data and visitors

Supply data is a base to receive the service, refusal could involve the possibility to partially stifle the business relation.

Data can be transferred to the Company external partners as co-operators, consultant, sales people, credit institute, others organisations only if strictly involved in the company activity.

Scope and Method of treatment

The collected data treatment will be in respect of the correctness, transparency and will protect your privacy and your rights.

The supplied data will be used for company activity only. Data will be utilised according to the current law and elaborated on information technology, paper or other necessary support.

Visitor’s rights

According to the law art. 7 del D.lgs.196/2003 everybody involved ( the person whose data are by the company utilised ) have the followings rights:

  • to know all the time his personal data we have and how they are utilized;

  • keep data updated, by integration, or eliminate them;

  • request a suspension or make their treatment opposition.

Owners and Responsible

Personal data treatment responsible is Torchiani Srl. According to the law art 7 del D.lgs 196/ 2003 you can send a request to:
Torchiani Srl - Via Cacciamali 45, 25125 – Brescia